An academia controlled America. (How to ruin the country for dummies)

There is been a lot of negative and surprised comments about Chris Dodd saying that we could never know how the Wall Street reform bill would work out until after it has been put into place, if you remember Nancy Pelosi said almost the same thing about the healthcare bill. We should not be surprised that these kind of comments because they are coming from an academic environment. Remember who these people are and what kind of life experiences they’ve had. President Obama has never had a job and the only thing you can say he has ever done was graduate from Harvard. The academia has been waiting for decades to take control of the government and experiment with their new ideas on finances, foreign relations, energy, and health care. America has become a laboratory for their experiment and we have become their guinea pigs. If you don’t believe this remember every time Obama mentions Steven Chu he reminds us that he is a Nobel laureate. Of course this is the same Steven Chu that said, when he was director of Lawrence Berkeley national laboratory, that BP was the company that was going to save the world.

The thing that is really upsetting about this is that most of these experiments have already been tried and failed. Apparently this crew of ignorant academia believe that they are much smarter than the other socialist that have tried the same experiment. Another thing is you have to consider that these idiots have been teaching our children for decades and now this country has nothing to fall back on what a bunch of 60 dopers and their protégés. It appears that in one election we have squandered away our children’s heritage.

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