Democrats again try to rearrange the facts concerning Senate rule 19.

Elizabeth Warren was participating in the debate concerning the confirmation of Jeff Sessions For Atty. Gen. Are debating was basically name-calling of another sitting senator and not anything to do with the facts that were relevant to his confirmation. She was doing this by reading a letter that already been read in the Senate years before when Sen. Sessions have been nominated for a judgeship. When she was called on it under rule 19, she said she was only reading a letter written by a third-party. This is a ploy used commonly by the left when they did not want to take responsibility for their words. Her words were defaming and libelous with misinformation and false statements. But she did not have to prove them because she had a letter written by somebody else so it must be okay in her mind after all she is a liberal. Elizabeth Warren is a known and proven liar through her whole political career, and academic career. And of course keeping in the true form of a liberal, she is now become the victim of the bad mean old Republican Party, who wants to poison the water and pollute the air.

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