The Foulmouthed Clintons

The following five quotations are from Alec Flegons Dictionary of English Sex Quotations (London: Flegon Press, 1996):L.D. Brown, a member of Clintons former security staff and bodyguard in Arkansas, stated that Hillary is “as foul-mouthed as any sailor youd ever meet.” (p. 147)As reported by Bills security staff, Hillary frequently erupted in expletive-filled tirades against him. “I cant believe you would ask a fucking question like that!” Or, about his shaky driving, “Youre gonna get us fucking killed!” (p. 147)She shouted at Bill over his unfaithfulness: “I need to be fucked more than twice a year!” (p. 170)Hillary to Larry Patterson, an Arkansas state trooper and Clinton bodyguard from 1986 to 1993, who was bringing a judges wife to the Little Rock airport: “What the fuck do you think youre doing? I know who that whore is.” (p. 171)Coming out of the Arkansas governors mansion early morning on Labor Day 1991, Hillary screamed: “Where is the goddamn fucking flag? I want the goddamn fucking flag up every fucking morning at fucking sunrise!” (p. 173).

“If she disagreed with Bill Clinton or she disagreed with some of the Jewish community in Little Rock — or some of the ethnic community — she would often make these statements.” “She would say ‘Jew Bastard‘ or call her husband a ‘Jew boy‘ or a ‘motherfucking Jew‘,” Patterson told the WABC New York radio audience. [Carl Limbacher and NewsMax Staff, 17 July 2000]

Bill also badmouthed others and his dear Hillary. David Brock, ex-American Spectator reporter: “From the back of his Lincoln, Bill Clinton would say about Paula Jones, ‘What does that whore think she’s doing to me?’ He also referred to his ex-lover Gennifer Flowers as a ‘fucking slut,’ according to Larry Patterson.” [Drudge Report, 9 March 1998]

Patterson said Hillary was no stranger to the “N” word either. He heard her say “nigger” “probably six, eight, ten times. She would be upset with someone in the black community and she would use the ‘N’ word, like, you heard they’ve got the president’s brother on tape using the ‘N’ word.” [NewsMax, 17 July 2000]

Source: The Foulmouthed Clintons

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