Obama jet-setting: Public display of bad taste



Are we blind? Is it mass hypnosis?

There is a huge disconnect between how the Obamas live and the talk they talk.

The latest slap in the face to the poor saps known as taxpayers is the Obama daughters’ spring break at the luxury Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. Mum is the word on Her Highness Michelle, whose taste in vacation locations goes from lavish to extreme lavish.

The Obamas pick up the direct costs of their daughters’ vacations, but that is a pittance compared to the cost of the entourage that must accompany them to these exotic locations.

Thanks to Judicial Watch, we now know that Milia’s spring break to Mexico last year, along with 25 Secret Service agents, cost the taxpayers $115,500.87.

Spring break is seen as a right of passage for well-heeled, college-age kids. Bear in mind, Malia is only 14, and sister, Sasha, is 11 – and this is their third vacation of the year!

via Obama jet-setting: Public display of bad taste.

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