Does Rubio believe that his immigration stance will help him in 2016?

31406_1thmA lot of people are saying that Sen. Marco Rubio from Florida is trying to set himself up for the Republican nomination in 2016, by collaborating with the Democrats on immigration. Sen. Rubio is a young energetic conservative who is about to be led down the path of destruction by trusting the Democratic establishment that has lied in every step in the political debate over the last decade. Promises being made to Sen. Rubio of the same promises that were made to present Reagan on immigration reform. At the time Reagan was told that once the 1 million illegal immigrants were given citizenship the borders would be closed and that would end the problem. The 1 million illegal immigrants turned out to be 3 million legal immigrants any borders were never closed and that is why we have this problem today. The same people that made that promise to Reagan or making that promise to Rubio. They claim there are 11 million illegal immigrants but there are others that are telling us there is many as 20 million.

Many of us who are older than Sen. Rubio remember the previous deception that was perpetrated on Reagan, and if Rubio follows this road he will show us that he is a fool. And if Rubio cannot look back on history and examine what has happened in the past and put it to the present-day scenario than he is showing that he lacks the competence to be president of the United States.

via Tea For Two.

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