Obama: Congress must vote on the fiscal cliff.



So Obama gives this news conference today and his big thing is that Congress must vote on the fiscal cliff. Not appear from what he was saying that he didn’t understand that Congress has already passed a number of measures to get by the fiscal cliff. The problem is Harry Reid who controls the Senate, refuses to bring anything to the floor for a vote if it is proposed by Republicans. Reid is probably in fear that his Democratic senators would be in full support of one or more of the plans offered by Republicans.

Even the president has made a proposal to the Senate, which Harry Reid refuses to allow to come to the floor for a vote. Harry Reid is not only not allowing these bills proposed by the Republicans to come to the floor, but he’s not even allowing them to go to committee. The problem the Democrats have here is that the farther of these bills move along in the Senate the more the public will see of them. Once a public understands that the Republicans are working hard to solve the upcoming crisis by coming familiar with the legislation the Republicans are proposing, Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats will be in great danger of losing their positions of power.

So what is going to happen here? Is the house going to continue working and proposing legislation that will turn this country around to the great country it once was while the Democrats just come for the pass useless legislation, like renaming post offices and gun legislation?

Just remember folks when you see this big tax bill that is coming up, it was brought to you by three people, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama. They orchestrated and past without any support from the Republicans, Obamacare and the fiscal cliff which we are being driven over at the speed of sound. Four Years now with no budget coming up of the Democratic Senate because of there was a budget would give direction on how your tax money was to be spent. They do not want any restrictions on what they do with the money they are taking out of your pockets this is why they prefer to operate without a budget. It is dishonest and deceitful to say the least.

via Tea For Two.

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