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The investigation into Fast And Furious by Congress has come to a halt because the president of United States has declared executive privilege on the documents concerning that operation. As we have seen in past administrations doing such things sometime is done because they have something to hide. Apparently the liberal media believes that this is exactly why Pres. Obama has declared executive privilege on these documents. The media is trying now to attack Republicans saying that whatever Fast And Furious was it was a Republican program, even hinting that Speaker of the House Boehner voted for funds to support Fast And Furious. The bill that is being used to attempt to betray that the Republicans had something to do with this is called HR-6028. In this bill there is a reference to Project Gunrunner. Project Gunrunner is not equivalent to Fast And Furious. If you read the bill HR-6028 you will see that the bill did not authorize the sale of any firearms to gun runners. In fact the bill was to provide training for the Mexican police and to help them stop the guns from coming across the border. If these funds are used by holder, which amounted to 9 1/2 million dollars a year, then Holder violated the provisions of the bill. This may in fact be the case of what happened and is why they are so frightened of the documents getting out. This also made explain why they came up the name Fast And Furious in an attempt to hide the fact that they were stealing funds from another program. In any case it is obvious that the Atty. Gen. and the present United States knew of operation Fast And Furious. The attempts to stop the Republicans with actions taken by the Democratic administration and their misuse of funds, points to the panic that they are presently in. It appears that the crime itself is worse than a cover-up for a change.

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