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Let’s take a few seconds and look at some of the reasons people need a photo ID.

Cash a check
See an R rated movie (sometimes)
Buy a gun
Test drive a car
Apply for most jobs
Pick up your own kids from your public school
Rent tools from a hardware store
Buy over the counter allergy medicine
Get married
Apply for a passport
Play paintball (at some locations)
Enjoy a show at an adult entertainment venue
See a doctor (in some locations)
Get care for your pet at an animal hospital (in some locations)
Rent a hotel room
Pick up tickets for events at a box office
Close a real estate sale
Identify a loved one’s remains
Sign up for a rewards card at a grocery store (Shaw’s card, Stop and Shop card, etc.)
Redeem a lottery ticket
Taking the ACT/SAT exams for college
Get on an airplane
Take your children to the pediatrician’s office (in some locations)
Buy a beer at a restaurant
Fill out and submit an I-9 tax form (actually TWO forms of ID required!)
Return merchandise at many retail stores
Get a membership at a gym (many locations)
Rent a videogame with an MA rating
Take professional exams in industries like insurance, accounting, finance, etc.
Pick up items at a store purchased online
Buy spray paint
Get a package from Fedex or UPS
Buy a car
Rent an apartment
Get a fishing or hunting license
Apply for government housing
Play sports in some youth leagues
Compete in American Idol
Apply for Social Security/Medicare
Pay a cable bill
Camp at a state park campground
Get on an Amtrak train

As you can see a photo identification is needed in all walks of our society. The question here is why would some politicians attempt to stop minorities from participating in these areas where photo ID is needed. It appears to me that not having a photo ID would be exiling minorities from the mainstream of society. This is what Democrats basically did right after the Civil War. It looks like they have never gotten over their need to enslave people that do not have their skin color.

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