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UMich students demand no-whites-allowed space to plot ‘social justice’ activism – The College Fix

A student activist group at the University of Michigan is demanding campus officials provide them with “a permanent designated space on central campus for Black students and students of color to organize and do social justice work.”The demand is one of several lodged by “Students4Justice,” who this month ratcheted up campus demonstrations to pressure administrators to cave, complaining in a newly launched petition that President Mark Schlissel has snubbed their demands.

Source: UMich students demand no-whites-allowed space to plot ‘social justice’ activism – The College Fix

Melania Trump attacked for reciting The Lords Prayer at campaign rally | Fox News

Leftists on social media tore into First Lady Melania Trump, mocking her accent and religion and branding her everything from a hostage to a whore – all for the secular offense of reciting “The Lord’s Prayer.”Melania Trump began President Trump’s rally Saturday in Florida by delivering the prayer, which Christians – many of whom recite the prayer in church each week – believe was first said by Jesus Christ. The crowd at Orlando-Melbourne Airport received the prayer enthusiastically.Left-leaning social media users were a different story, however.“Melania starts the dictatorship rally with the Lord’s Prayer? NOT EVERY AMERICAN IS CHRISTIAN!!!! Country over party,” tweeted @JaimePrimak.@splattne wrote: “Melania prays (reads) the Our Father. Makes Jesus turn in his grave. Oh wait…”Several Twitter users harkened to the controversy over Melania Trump plagiarizing a section of her Republican National Convention speech from a previous speech given by former First Lady Michelle Obama.“At least this time Melania plagerzed [sic] the Lord’s Prayer from the Bible instead of Michelle Obama. #TrumpRally,” @ParaComedian09 wrote.Noticing that Melania appeared to read the prayer from a sheet, some questioned the degree of Trump’s religious devotion, with many deriding the Slovenian immigrant’s accent.“With an hour’s practice I could probably say the Lord’s Prayer better in Slovene than Melania Trump does it in English,” @adrianshort wrote.@NicoleAngeleen tweeted: “I could recite the Our Father backwards, drugged with a gun to my head. If you need to read this prayer, you’re not Christian (re: Melania).”“God Bless her, but listening to Melania do The Lord’s Prayer sounds like someone getting cursed to become a Dracula,@carnojoe wrote.And a few Twitter users even attacked Melania personally.“….plus Melania read the ‘our father’ like a whore in confession after a night of escorting,” @TrumpUriNation tweeted.@MattDonnelly wrote: “The way Melania choked through that Our Father tells me she has not spoken aloud for weeks.”President Trump didn’t escape unscathed, either.“Trump is still there, so Melania’s prayer didn’t work,” @GerryDuggan wrote.

Source: Melania Trump attacked for reciting The Lords Prayer at campaign rally | Fox News

The Political Assassination of Michael Flynn | Rush

RUSH: Everybody just calm down, just calm down. All of this was predicted to you, every bit of this was predicted to you. I mean the media behavior. To show you just how lame the media is and how little they’ve got, they’re already asking what did Trump know and when did he know it, and that’s not the question. The question is, what did Barack Obama know and when did he know it and what has he engineered here?This all happened with Flynn back in December. Trump had not even been inaugurated yet. And it’s still mysterious to me what really happened. Even if, even if Flynn, as the incoming national security director, had called the Russian ambassador to talk, so what? That’s not hard to imagine. That’s not a big deal. It really isn’t a big deal.Now, if he lied to Mike Pence and said, “No, no, no, I didn’t talk to the guy. I didn’t talk to the guy about sanctions. I didn’t talk about maybe lifting the sanctions. No, no, no, I didn’t.” And, if he did do that, if he lied to Pence, then, okay, there’s a reason for Flynn to be in trouble and maybe to resign, get out of the way. But for the media to say what did Trump know and when did he know it? Get a grip here, folks.

Source: The Political Assassination of Michael Flynn | Rush

Democrats again try to rearrange the facts concerning Senate rule 19.

Elizabeth Warren was participating in the debate concerning the confirmation of Jeff Sessions For Atty. Gen. Are debating was basically name-calling of another sitting senator and not anything to do with the facts that were relevant to his confirmation. She was doing this by reading a letter that already been read in the Senate years before when Sen. Sessions have been nominated for a judgeship. When she was called on it under rule 19, she said she was only reading a letter written by a third-party. This is a ploy used commonly by the left when they did not want to take responsibility for their words. Her words were defaming and libelous with misinformation and false statements. But she did not have to prove them because she had a letter written by somebody else so it must be okay in her mind after all she is a liberal. Elizabeth Warren is a known and proven liar through her whole political career, and academic career. And of course keeping in the true form of a liberal, she is now become the victim of the bad mean old Republican Party, who wants to poison the water and pollute the air.

Former Clinton Superdelegate Chaka Fattah Begins 10-Year Prison Term

Former Rep. Chaka Fattah (D., Pa.), who was a superdelegate for failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has reported to prison to begin his 10-year sentence stemming from numerous corruption charges.Fattah reported Wednesday to the Federal Correctional Institution-McKean in western Pennsylvania near the New York border, CBS Philly reported.In June 2016, Fattah and four associates were convicted on 29 corruption charges after misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars from federal, campaign, and charitable sources.

Source: Former Clinton Superdelegate Chaka Fattah Begins 10-Year Prison Term


Officials say the Obama administration in its waning hours defied Republican opposition and quietly released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority that GOP members of Congress had been blocking.A State Department official and several congressional aides said the outgoing administration formally notified Congress it would spend the money Friday morning. The official said former Secretary of State John Kerry had informed some lawmakers of the move shortly before he left the State Department for the last time Thursday. The aides said written notification dated Jan. 20 was sent to Congress just hours before Donald Trump took the oath of office.

Source: News from The Associated Press

Send in the Head Clowns

Democrats have been in power for so long that they’ve forgotten how to oppose. Their party has been on a roll since 2005 when the botched Social Security reform, the slow bleed of the Iraq war, and Hurricane Katrina sent the Bush administration into a tailspin. The Democrats won the Congress the following year and the White House two years after that. And while they lost the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014, Democrats still had the advantage of retaining the White House, a president seemingly immune from criticism, the courts, the bureaucracy, and large portions of the media. The correlation of forces in Washington has weighed heavily in favor of the Democrats for a decade. No longer. The election of Donald Trump has brought unified Republican government to Washington and overturned our understanding of how politics works.

Source: Send in the Head Clowns

Teacher and Husband (samesex) Who Molested 8 Children Disturbingly Explain How They Didn’t Hurt Anyone

Minnesota elementary school teacher Aric Babbitt and his husband Matt Deyo explained in the suicide note that they sent to their families briefly before their bodies were found that they didnt think they had done any harm.But the eight boys whom the pair “groomed” and sexually abused might say differently.Babbitt, a teacher at Lincoln Elementary School in South St. Paul, and Deyo, an alleged “computer genius,” committed a murder-suicide earlier this year after an investigation brought forward eight boys who claimed that the two had molested them.

Source: Teacher and Husband Who Molested 8 Children Disturbingly Explain How They Didnt Hurt Anyone